Retailers: Our business clients include retails pharmacies that range in ownership size from sole shareholder to publically traded corporation.

Mail Order Pharmacies: The FDA, DEA and local Boards of Pharmacy are watching mail order and internet pharmacies closely. Torf Law Firm has counseled and represented these businesses in administrative litigation and regulatory compliance.

Long Term Care Pharmacies: Torf Law Firm has served the world's largest provider on long term care service and start-up companies.

Hospitals: We have provided consulting and legal services to hospitals having emergency rooms, surgical arenas, out-patient services located on and off the hospital campus and management group contracts.

Wholesalers: The wholesalers we have served are small to middle size. Their needs ranged from Drug Enforcement Administration audit accountability to regulatory compliance.

Individual Practitioners: Pharmacists, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, optometrists, and other licensed healthcare practitioners have called upon us for defending their professional license.

Small Businesses. Torf Law Firm Represents businesses that are Corporations, Limited Liability Entities, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships. These clients use us in business activities such as: vendor contract disputes over goods and services; shareholder agreements; employment matters: employment agreements, employee discrimination claims; business contracts: franchise agreements, buy-sell agreements, equipment leases. For real estate matters: landlord-tenant obligations, leases, mechanic liens and commercial real estate sales.