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We also represent and counsel small and medium sized corporations in areas of law including: employee, shareholders, partnership and LLC agreements; formation and buy-sell agreements; real estate transactions and mechanic liens; EEOC and Human Rights matters; contract design and disputes; and, collections.

Welcome to Torf Law Firm - Services, Support and Representation in Matters Involving Pharmaceuticals, Controlled Substances, Regulatory Compliance, Health Care Licensure and Qui Tam(Whistle Blower).

Torf Law Firm focuses on Drug Law-related matters for individuals, businesses and other law firms. Whom do we serve?

  • Pharmacies, Drug Wholesalers, Manufacturers and related Businesses that are concerned with regulatory compliance, licensure, insurance audits, administrative litigation and white collar crimes.
  • Health care professionals, such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists, who may experience the same legal problems as business clients as well as substance abuse problems or Qui Tam (Whistle-Blowing) claims.
  • Individuals who are involved in civil litigation due to injury from prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
  • Criminal Defendants who have been swept up in the war on drugs.
  • Law firms seeking our litigation support in all these areas of drug-related matters.


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