Services: Across the Country

Litigation: Civil, Administrative and Criminal. We provide lead counsel and second chair litigation support across the country. If your legal matter involves drugs, healthcare professional licensure, regulatory compliance or white collar crime, you need Torf Law Firm’s experience and expertise. Pharmacists, nurses, physicians, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians and healthcare para-professionals all seek out our services for their individual professional needs. Likewise, we represent private and publicly-held corporations such drug wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals.

Internal Inventory Audits. As a drug dispenser or wholesaler, your billing procedures may look good on paper, but may not have been properly executed. Significant dispensing discrepancies include product overages and shortages. What may appear at first to be minor audit discrepancies, when extrapolated can translate into hundreds of thousands of unaccountable dosage units. Incorrect billing codes, wrong NDC numbers and improper quantities can result in economic loss to an auditing entity. Justifiable prescription interpretation and professional judgment may still lead to disastrous inventory audits. We will perform a sample inventory and record keeping audit and you will determine if a complete audit is necessary. We can help you write procedures and ascertain if they are being carried out.

Third Party Audit Defense. Auditors are not you friend. They have one goal: recover as much money as they can from you. And they are empowered with the purse strings. They will use leverage, scare tactics and time as a weapon to squeeze money out of your business. We will act swiftly, effectively and aggressively to settle, fight and protect your assets in an audit defense.

Incorporating Your Employees. Teach your employees how you want them to work. It’s not just a work ethic that is needed. It’s standards of performance that are expected and measured. It’s accountability for work product. It’s about each employee being part of something larger than himself that he can be proud of. It’s team effort with self-esteem. It’s about positive feedback and reward. It’s about constructive criticism. It’s about work environment. Torf Law Firm can help create educational videos and training manuals. We can analyze work flow and efficiencies. We can design a physical and environmentally friendly workplace where your employees will want to work.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis: An ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure. It sounds like preventative medicine, but it applies to business practices. Proactive compliance programs will stave off government intrusion into your business. Torf Law Firm will evaluate your compliance and counsel accordingly